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Well, I'm a 25 year old female originally from a tiny town in the State of New York. I moved to the Netherlands in September of 2004 to live with my boyfriend. I enjoy good conversation, horrible movies (well, I enjoy good movies as well), music of many kinds and art. I sing, act when possible, draw, play the piano and I used to horseback ride (when I lived back in NY and still had horses). I also enjoy reading, and I used to write, but it was horrible so I stopped. :) I love cooking and baking, and now that I have a proper oven, I enjoy making cookies for people once again. I hate most chores, but I manage to get them done, eventually.
My boyfriend and I share our house with our two pet rats, Kaylee and Zoë.

At any rate, I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I grow up, and I'm very prone to weird outbursts. I'm pretty open-minded and I really love to learn new things, so friend if you would like to, but please introduce yourself in a comment to any post. :)

This is also my art journal, and so there will be pictures. All pictures will be LJ cut if it is monstrously huge, otherwise it's just going to be visible. If there is more than two picture, one will be left above the cut, the rest will be cut. Or they'll all be cut, depending on my mood.

Also; on friending; I see it as a list of people I like to read and a way to keep in touch with some people back home. I can't promise I will friend back and I don't expect to be friended back, so it's not an insult! Thankies!

--The Management
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