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June 2014

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Mag Mell

"Dodeochadsa" for in ben "a tírib beó áit inna bí bás nó peccad na imorbus. Domelom fleda búana can rithgnom caíncomrac leind cen debaid. Síd mór I taam conid de suidib nonn ainmnighter áes síde."

"Cía a gillai" ol Cond fria mac "acailli" úair ni acca nech in mnaí acht Condla a óenur.

Ro recair in ben. Adgladadar mnaí "n-óic n-alaind soceneoil nad fresci bás na sentaid ro charus Condla Rúad cotgaraim do Maig Mell inid rí Boadag bidsuthain rí cen gol cen mairg inna thír ó gabais flaith. Tair lim a Condlai Rúaid muinbrec cainelderg barrbude fordotá óas gnúis corcorda bid ordan do rígdelbae má chotuméitís ní chrínfa do delb a hoítiu a haldi co bráth brindach."

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I still don't know what to do, themes-wise. Today I'm trying to get some personal work done, before I get started on a paying project¹ again. The personal work is translating and subtitling a video from Crash Course US History into Dutch. Into Dutch is not always my strongest skill, which is why the personal project to practice it. I can do it, but it goes a bit slower than into English, which isn't unusual, seeing as English is my native language.

I also should fold the laundry that's in the dryer, and grab groceries for tonight. We're supposed to have burritos, but we don't have anything in the house for burritos. I'm just moving slow today. I didn't sleep exceptionally well last night, due to mosquitoes mainly, and my brain feels full of cotton. I feel like my thoughts are moving at about the speed of a turtle, and all I want to do is nap.

Instead, I'm trying to get the subtitling done and write this entry in the breaks I give myself. I've finally learned to work very structured. I must set a timer, or I forget to lift my head, breathe, drink, and take breaks. It's not good, as I inevitably end up feeling like I must destroy the world after awhile. Like there is some conspiracy against me from all things that exist, even if they are inanimate. It means I don't work as efficiently as I should. So, from experience, I set timers.

I'm hoping with paying work for a bit, I won't once again neglect my blog. I'll try very hard to write something every day, but work obviously takes precedence.

Well, now that I've meandered on about nothing really, I suppose I should just end this entry. If I have any actual coherent thoughts, I'll write again. Otherwise, you'll be reading from me tomorrow.

¹ Can I just say, yay! Paying work! More people need to pay me. *sigh*

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