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June 2014

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Mag Mell

"Dodeochadsa" for in ben "a tírib beó áit inna bí bás nó peccad na imorbus. Domelom fleda búana can rithgnom caíncomrac leind cen debaid. Síd mór I taam conid de suidib nonn ainmnighter áes síde."

"Cía a gillai" ol Cond fria mac "acailli" úair ni acca nech in mnaí acht Condla a óenur.

Ro recair in ben. Adgladadar mnaí "n-óic n-alaind soceneoil nad fresci bás na sentaid ro charus Condla Rúad cotgaraim do Maig Mell inid rí Boadag bidsuthain rí cen gol cen mairg inna thír ó gabais flaith. Tair lim a Condlai Rúaid muinbrec cainelderg barrbude fordotá óas gnúis corcorda bid ordan do rígdelbae má chotuméitís ní chrínfa do delb a hoítiu a haldi co bráth brindach."

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Sunday was the day we would check out, hop into rented cars, and visit the Irish countryside.

The alarm went off first for L and J, so that the could get a head start on breakfast and showers, as they were going to rent the cars that were needed for the rest of the day. The rest of us got to 'sleep in' a little bit more, before we had to collect all our belongings, eat breakfast, and check out. Luckily, it was timed reasonably well, and we didn't have to wait outside for too long before the cars arrived. In L's car was S, Y, A, while myself, C, and M rode in J's car. Off we headed to visit Glendalough.

I'm afraid this entry is going to be short, as it was mostly riding around, cracking jokes, and taking in the beautiful sights. It included enlightening the girls as to how very sexual the Blue version of the song 'Too Close' is. We did stop by a pub that may, or may not, have been used in the film P.S. I Love You. I think we decided that it was close enough for us. We ate lunch there, where I finally got some beef and Guinness stew, which was delicious. After lunch we headed for the ruins of the St. Kevin priory there. There we meandered amongst the grave stones for about 45 minutes, before we had to head to the airport.

Despite a bit of traffic (a collision closed two lanes), we still managed to make it there with plenty of time to check in, get through security and make it to our gate. The flight was smoother on the way out than the way in, and we landed about 20 minutes late. I was, of course, thrilled to see [ profile] beowulff again, who came and picked me up. It would only be one night together, as Monday morning he headed off with work people to Belgium. We ate Burger King on the way home, where we (particularly I) proceeded to plop onto the couch and revel in a good weekend and finally being home.

Tomorrow I think I'll try to post about the big event of the day, which will be my first driving lesson in the Netherlands. Shifting! Strange person in an enclosed space! I'm not anxious at all, no.

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