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June 2014

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Mag Mell

"Dodeochadsa" for in ben "a tírib beó áit inna bí bás nó peccad na imorbus. Domelom fleda búana can rithgnom caíncomrac leind cen debaid. Síd mór I taam conid de suidib nonn ainmnighter áes síde."

"Cía a gillai" ol Cond fria mac "acailli" úair ni acca nech in mnaí acht Condla a óenur.

Ro recair in ben. Adgladadar mnaí "n-óic n-alaind soceneoil nad fresci bás na sentaid ro charus Condla Rúad cotgaraim do Maig Mell inid rí Boadag bidsuthain rí cen gol cen mairg inna thír ó gabais flaith. Tair lim a Condlai Rúaid muinbrec cainelderg barrbude fordotá óas gnúis corcorda bid ordan do rígdelbae má chotuméitís ní chrínfa do delb a hoítiu a haldi co bráth brindach."

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With this attempt, once again, to keep a blog, I have a few hopes and plans. I plan to update at least once every day Monday through Friday, weekends being fair game but I wouldn't expect anything. I hope to do some themed days, so that I can actually think of content every weekday. I've thought I could do that previously, and it so far hasn't panned out, but I like themed days on other blogs, at least some of them, so I'm going to try it once again. I may not yet really have any ideas for themes, but that's alright. For now I'll just post whatever and take my time deciding what I want to write about. Which probably means a number of posts like this one, meandering from topic to topic.

I know that livejournal is something of a ghost town nowadays, so I'm not expecting much in the way of feedback, but that won't be much of a change for me. I'll try to keep that in mind, so that I know I'm primarily writing here for me.

On the topic of writing for me: dinner last night. I was right, we did order out (it's not hard to be right when you're %50 of the vote and the primary cook). We had pizza, garlic bread, and chicken nuggets with a sweet & sour sauce. Tonight will finally be the Peppery Chicken Curry that was supposed to be yesterday's dinner.

Current to-do list:
[x] shower
[ ] make a packing list
[ ] finish translating the transcription for Crash Course US History ep 1
[ ] do the time-cuing for the subtitles for Crash Course US History ep 1
[ ] buy new pants (sigh)

Current Book: Why does he do that?: Inside the minds of angry and controlling men, Lundy Bancroft 

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