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Mag Mell

"Dodeochadsa" for in ben "a tírib beó áit inna bí bás nó peccad na imorbus. Domelom fleda búana can rithgnom caíncomrac leind cen debaid. Síd mór I taam conid de suidib nonn ainmnighter áes síde."

"Cía a gillai" ol Cond fria mac "acailli" úair ni acca nech in mnaí acht Condla a óenur.

Ro recair in ben. Adgladadar mnaí "n-óic n-alaind soceneoil nad fresci bás na sentaid ro charus Condla Rúad cotgaraim do Maig Mell inid rí Boadag bidsuthain rí cen gol cen mairg inna thír ó gabais flaith. Tair lim a Condlai Rúaid muinbrec cainelderg barrbude fordotá óas gnúis corcorda bid ordan do rígdelbae má chotuméitís ní chrínfa do delb a hoítiu a haldi co bráth brindach."

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This is not a direct translation I'm posting here, but a slightly clearer version of what I've translated. Class asks for the most exact translation possible, but it's not always the nicest to read. It just pops in to the story, as this is the 3rd branch of the Mabinogi. I don't know if people would like me to do this sort of thing more often, or if you want me to put the Welsh up as well, so you can compare. Let me know!

After the seven men of which we spoke finished burying the head of Bendigeiduran above the Gwynuryn in London, facing France, Manawydan looked on the town of London, and facing his companions, heaved a sigh and felt overwhelming grief and homesickness in his heart.

"Oh, God almighty, woe is me," he said, "there is no one without a place of their except me."

"Lord," said Pryderi, "do not be so upset by that. Your cousin is king of the island of the strong; and although he does you wrong, you were never a claimant of a land or territory. You are the third humbled chieftain."

"Yes," said Manawydan, "though that man is my cousin, I'm saddened to see anyone take the place of my brother Bedigeiduran. I cannot be happy in the same house as him."

"Will you take some advice?" asked Pryderi.

"I could use some advice," said Manawydan, "what do you suggest?"

"Seven counties were left to me," said Pryderi, "and Rhiannon my mother is there. I give her to you, and rule of the seven counties with her. And although you have no other territories except for these seven counties, there are no better counties than they. Cigfa, the daughter of Wyn Gloyw, is my wife, and although the ownership title of the land would still be mine, the use of it is for you and Rhiannon. And if you had ever wanted land, you would have taken these."

"I would not, chieftain," said Manawydan, "God repay to you your friendship."

"The best friendship that I am able to give you, I will, if you want it."

"I want it, friend," replied Manawydan. "God repay you. I go with you to see Rhiannon and to see this land."

"You do the right thing," said Pryderi. "I don't believe you have ever heard of a better companion than her. Although there was a time in her youth that there was no woman more beautiful than her, you will still not be dissatisfied with her appearance."

They travelled on their way. And after however long they were on the road, they came to Dyuet. There was a banquet ready for them, and Rhiannon and Cigfa after it's preparation. And then began the sitting together and converation of Manawydan and Rhiannon; and from the conversation did Manawydan's heart and mind warm and he felt that he never saw a more companionable or more beautiful woman than her.

Middle Welsh Text
GUEDY daruot y'r seithwyr a dywedyssam ni uchot; cladu penn Bendigeiduran yn y Gwynuryn yn Llundein, a'y wyneb ar Freinc, edrych a wnaeth Manauydan ar y dref yn Llundein, ac ar y gedymdeithon, a dodi ucheneit uawr, a chymryt diruawr alar a hiraeth yndaw.

"Oy a Duw Hollgyuoethawc, guae ui," heb ef, "nyt o es neb heb le idaw heno namyn mi." "Arglwyd," heb y Pryderi, "na uit kyn drymhet genhyt a hynny. Dy geuynderw yssyd urenhin yn Ynys y Kedyrn; a chyn gwnel gameu it," heb ef, "ny buost hawlwr tir a dayar ei ryoet. Trydyd lledyf unben wyt." "Ie," heb ef, "kyt boet keuynderw y mi y gwr hwnnw, goathrist yw genhyf i guelet neb yn lle Bendigeiduran uy mrawt, ac ny allaf uot yn llawen yn un ty ac ef." "A wney ditheu gynghor arall?" heb y Pryderi. "Reit oed im wrth gynghor," heb ef, "a pha gynghor yw hwnnw?" "Seith cantref Dyuet yr edewit y mi," heb y Pryderi, "a Riannon uy mam yssyd yno. Mi a rodaf it honno, a medyant y seith cantref genthi. A chyny bei itti o gyuoeth namyn y seith cantref hynny, nyt oes seith cantref well noc wy. Kicua, uerch Wyn Gloyw, yw uy gwreic inheu," heb ef. "A chyn bo enwedigaeth y kyuoeth y mi, bit y mwynant y ti a Riannon. A phei mynhut gyuoeth eiryoet, aduyd y caffut ti [waeth] hwnnw." "Na uynhaf, unben," heb ef, "Duw a dalo it dy gydymdeithas." "E gedymdeithas oreu a allwyf i, yti y byd, os mynny." "Mynnaf, eneit," heb ef. "Duw a dalo it. A mi a af gyt a thi y edrych Riannon, ac y edrych y kyuoeth." "Iawn a wney," heb ynteu. "Mi a debygaf na werendeweist eiryoet ar ymdidanwreic well no hi. Er amser y bu hitheu yn y dewred, ny bu wreic delediwach no hi, ac etwa ny bydy anuodlawn y phryt."

Vynt a gerdassant racdunt. A pha hyt bynnac y bydynt ar y ford, wynt a doethant y Dyuet. Gwled darparedic oed udunt erbyn eu dyuot yn Arberth, a Riannon a Chicua wedy y harlwyaw.

Ac yna dechreu kydeisted ac ymdidan o Uanawydan a Riannon; ac o'r ymdidan tirioni a wnaeth y uryt a'y uedwl wrthi, a hoffi yn y uedwl na welsei eiryoed wreic digonach y theket a'y thelediwet no hi.
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