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June 2014

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Mag Mell

"Dodeochadsa" for in ben "a tírib beó áit inna bí bás nó peccad na imorbus. Domelom fleda búana can rithgnom caíncomrac leind cen debaid. Síd mór I taam conid de suidib nonn ainmnighter áes síde."

"Cía a gillai" ol Cond fria mac "acailli" úair ni acca nech in mnaí acht Condla a óenur.

Ro recair in ben. Adgladadar mnaí "n-óic n-alaind soceneoil nad fresci bás na sentaid ro charus Condla Rúad cotgaraim do Maig Mell inid rí Boadag bidsuthain rí cen gol cen mairg inna thír ó gabais flaith. Tair lim a Condlai Rúaid muinbrec cainelderg barrbude fordotá óas gnúis corcorda bid ordan do rígdelbae má chotuméitís ní chrínfa do delb a hoítiu a haldi co bráth brindach."

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Jun. 4th, 2014

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Jun. 4th, 2014 05:11 pm
tricster: (Abandon All Hope)

Unfortunately not as much work to be done today. So I've looked at some translation agency sites and I may now once again agonize about the wording of a cover letter.


This is always horrible, applying for job after job. It's bad enough to get rejected, but to never get a response. I have had that as well.


I'm not the only person suffering through seemingly endless job hunting. At least I have some freelancing work occasionally which brings in something and [ profile] beowulff has a steady income. We're lucky, in that sense.


I would still prefer never having to do this again. However I should try and write this cover letter now, hopefully something besides Dear so-and-so.


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